Learning and technology blended

Applications, learning products and assessments

Application design & development

We design and develop data-centric applications using a non-proprietary (and open source when possible) framework. Using the Agile design methodology which places individuals and interactions over processes & tools, working software above comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, & response to change as more important than following a plan.

See the 12 principles of Agile Design

Distributive learning products

Interactive SCORM/AICC compliant learning modules to meet your needs, including deployment of content on iOS and Android devices. Our developers have experience working with all the popular content management systems and can deliver fully compatible HTML 5 content.

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Assessment design

We can provide your organization with valid and reliable assessments to meet defined outcomes. All assessments we design meet ISO/IEC 19796:2005 or ISO 29990:2010 standards and ensure that assessments:

  • Are focused and sufficiently comprehensive to enable evaluation of learners
  • Ensure systematic and accurate analysis of assessment results can be accomplished
  • Are valid, reliable and meaningful to your organization